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Tips on Moving Office For Electrical Contractors

As an electrical companies grows it’s common that it will run out of office space as employee numbers grow. This most often means moving to a larger office and/or to a better more central location. These tips will assist in your next office move.

Furniture items such as tables, desks, chairs, cabinets and lounges are hard to move because they are bulky. It requires a lot of care to move furniture without breakages or damaging parts of the office. It also requires you to know some tricks on how to move the heavy items without injuring the back or tearing a muscle.  Below are some of furniture removal tips that will help to make moving furniture pain free as possible.

Getting help

The smartest thing to do is hire a local removalists to do the work for you. They have the manpower, equipment, vehicles and insurances to do the job properly, leaving you and your staff to work in your business.

It’s important to choose a good removalist, the checklist on this page is quite good:

If however you are going to attempt the office move yourself these tips will be helpful.

Plan upfront

Do not start moving furniture without plans on how they will move easily and safely. Do upfront planning by first checking the weight. If the storage furniture is too heavy, empty the items stored inside for easier lifting.

Measure the areas where the furniture will move through

Take measurements around your door ways and drive ways and gauge it against the furniture.  Taking measurements helps you to know the best possible route to use when taking items out for loading onto a vehicle.   Make sure that there is enough clearance around cabinets to ensure that there will be no damage caused to walls and doors when moving furniture.

 Clear the way

Clear the way to use when removing furniture by removing any trip hazard such as door mats. Move all trip hazards to the side of put them in boxes. Open all doors upfront to make the way to removal truck ramp all clear.

Use equipment to move items easier

Use furniture removal trolley if you have items weighing over 50 kilos. It helps to move bulky furniture from one point to another more easily. When hiring a furniture removal van or truck, ask for one with hydraulic tail gates or lifts.  Hydraulic systems make loading and unloading heavy furniture to be pain free as it does not require much manual lifting.

Protect yourself

This is one of the essential furniture removal tips because you want to be healthy even after moving. Do not therefore try to act strong   unnecessarily by attempting to lift very heavy furniture. It will injure your muscles and hurt your back.   Try not to bend the knees and your back.

Take precaution by using back protection gear such as belts if you cannot avoid lifting heavy furniture. Buy lift straps as they assist in lifting and walking. Use protection gloves to safeguard your fingers from injury and steel capped boots for protecting the feet from getting crushed in case a heavy item falls. Knee cap gear also provides extra protection.

Choose the right vehicle for removal

Furniture can be moved using a van or truck.  It is important that you choose the right vehicle as it will save you money. When you have light furniture, a van which is cheaper to hire will do the job. A truck is suitable when you are moving heavy or high quantity of furniture. It can fit many items at once saving you the cost of doing multiple trips to drop off address.