Electricity: The Invisible Killer – Construction Industry

Every year, many unnecessary and preventable contacts are made with energized power lines. In an industry-wide attempt to reduce the number of electrical contacts, the Canadian Electricity Association’s Occupational Health and Safety Program has produced this video to be used as a tool to mitigate risk, serious injury, or even death.

This video consists of five scenarios that construction workers may encounter when working in the vicinity of high-voltage electrical equipment and demonstrates how to eliminate any potential fatal injuries that may occur:

Step 1: Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility.
– Know and follow your safe work plan.
– Know the safe distance from electrical equipment.

Step 2: Establish a Safe Work Plan With Your Local Electric Utility.
– Include safety distances to stay away from electrical equipment.
– Include controls and barriers for electrical equipment.

Step 3: A Change in Work Plan? Contact Your Local Utility.
– Stop the work and contact your local utility.
– Communicate the adjusted plan with all workers.

Step 4: Don’t Become a Casualty.
– Maintain the appropriate distance away as specified by your local utility.

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