Electrical Wiring The Resturant from Hell SES Done

http://www.electricalindustrynetwork.com This project has been one of the larger challenges that I have faced in my career,altho not the most challenging.Preparation and organization was the key to pulling this off.

The service that I have been worinking on for a while is finally completed. Due to various reasons it took a couple of years.

We had one event after another that kept putting the final change over completed.

I am now working for a electrical contractor ad through the help of the company we were able to get it completed.
The first day we worked around 10 hours each,then the second day we put in a 12 hour day with 2 additional day with just 2 of us.

The heat in Arizona that 1st day reached 107 degrees and I mean to tell you that that it was extremely hot

A generator was brought in to maintain the walk in coolers for the tenants to keep their food cold/frozen.

The final project did not go without it’s challenges though.But we over came them with persistence and the resources the company I work for to get it done.

Again I want to thank all those who helped to get this done.I couldn’t have done it without you guys!!!!

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